Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers prepares our products for the real world beyond the laboratory. The D’Angelo Technologies, LLC team of engineers include Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Software, Industrial, Biomedical, Electro-Optics, and Human Factors. We provide CAD, electro-mechanical system design, CFD and FEA simulation, technology development, and testing/experimentation to our customers on an as needed basis to help them overcome their toughest challenges. Our focus is on fulfilling the customer’s needs by helping them start the design phase, offering support during their product developing process, or completing a technology assessment to define their needs and bring them the best solution.


We specialize in quickly developing proof of concept electrical and mechanical mechanisms to bring the customer’s vision to life. Our in-house prototyping capabilities include electrical circuit and PCB design, CAD modeling and design, 3D printing, laser cutting, subtractive manufacturing, and virtual and augmented reality prototype software development. We can deliver a one off or low volume production runs with quick turnaround. Whether the customer desires a quick and dirty prototype model to prove the concept or fully-functional sales model, D’Angelo Technologies can meet the customer’s needs.

Research and Development

D’Angelo Technologies, LLC’s practical approach to technical development provides customers with a superior end-product by leveraging existing research from industry, government, and academic environments to advance product growth and develop innovative solutions. Our approach includes defining the customer’s specific goals and highlighting current limitations early in our iterative design process to give the customer a clear picture of what it will take and the challenges that lay ahead.


D’Angelo Technologies, LLC is widely recognized within the DoD and commercial industries for bringing innovation to the training sector. Our techniques capture both explicit and tacit knowledge to develop effective knowledge dissemination, training modules, and Augmented and Virtual Reality (A/VR) simulations. Our complete training process includes assessment, storyboarding, module development, A/VR simulation development, and implementation to efficiently deliver the highest quality training. D5T enhances our A/VR training simulations by modifying hardware to provide haptic feedback and a more immersive experience. Our team of experts are dedicated to training and workforce development for government, universities, and other civil and commercial customers.