D'Angelo Technologies, LLC (D5T) successfully conducted research to develop non-destructive test equipment and procedures for detecting Red Plague within an insulated silver plated copper conductor. Red Plague is an embedded fault and the consequences of Red Plague formation compromises the integrity of both the electrical and mechanical properties of the wiring system often resulting in wholesale replacement of wire and harnesses, mission abort, or mission failure. The presence of Red Plague is often not located until stored wire is stripped during installation, repair or replacement. Visual inspection for Red Plague is not consistent and is very subjective, especially if the Red Plague is found at the ends of the wire and the extent of Red Plague within the length of the wire is unknown. This Phase II SBIR presents a path to prototypes of three NDT methods for detecting Red Plague within conductors. Approved for Public Release | 16-MDA-8951 (15 December 16)

D5T developed a mobile Augmented Reality application that implements a markerless navigational tool and enhances workflow by digitizing procedural instructions for the National Shipbuilding Research Program. This app was created to enable users to scan and recognize compartments within a Sentinel-class cutter (Fast Response Cutter), place objects/notes in the virtual environment, and navigate the user throughout the ship. The app features markerless registration; occlusion visualization; object persistence; navigation without GPS, WiFi, or Bluetooth; and document storage, retrieval, and editing.

D5T successfully developed an electrically conductive network using metalized polymers, specifically for use on parachute canopies. The network is highly flexible to withstand repeated packing/deployment cycles, shielded to protect against ESD/EMI events, robust enough to survive the harsh conditions experienced during canopy inflation, and is capable of delivering both power and communication signals. The networks are available in standard formats or customizable to your specific needs.
Patent No. 9988154 , 10131436

D5T is developing a stress/strain sensor and data logger for use on textiles, specifically for use on MIL-W-27265 Type VII webbing which is common to military parachute riser systems. The sensor can be embedded onto existing riser systems without significant modification and the data logger is small enough to be carried in a standard pocket. To date, the complete package has been tested on nylon webbing, suspension line, and nylon canopy textiles in laboratory experiments and real world air drops.

D5T is developing a single-surface, gliding parachute canopy with High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) capabilities. The single surface design provides a lightweight, low-bulk, field repairable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional ram-air canopies. Bonded, non-woven materials enhance the canopy's strength and featherweight properties. This project incorporates modern design techniques and materials into legacy platforms, combining the best features of multiple design generations for a versatile, lightweight, modern parachute canopy.